Hazzan Dr. Paul Heller

Pastoral duties, Officiating at memorials, funerals, weddings, religious services, Tutoring reading of Hebrew Scripture for children and adults, prayer, Lecturing on prayerbook and Synagogue music, Ladino, Concerts.

“In the last 30 years, I have used the Internet as a tool of information. I have evolved from my first webpage to offer services in specialized translations and my blog www.kantorer.com, where I have published posts on my “Thoughts on Tikkun Olam, Bioethics and Music Therapy, and information on Jewish experience and dynamics of attitude and behavior regarding Israel and Judaism.” I also have used my Cantorial, language, and IT skills to create a Cantorial webpage and many videos to share on Spotify and YouTube and only my traditional Kol Nidrei has attracted over 9. 000 views

Kol Nidrei, traditional, with Lars Gunnar Sommarback at the pipe organ of the Great Synagogue of Stockholm


The Professional Belsize Square Synagogue Choir
Benjamin Wolf- Mike Cayton

The Wallace Ensemble
Benjamin Wolf- London

Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue Choir
Regina Yantian – Berlin



Memorial at Westminster Abbey
With Cantor Sveta Kundish, Alex Knapp and Ilana Cravitz


Im Eskachech- breaking the glass
With Cantor Yohel Heller

wedding processional