When I learned that I had been chosen to work in this Synagogue There were so many feelings at once: joy, fear … I did not know what fate was in for me. Many questions and many doubts about a country that I knew so little and of course, I was scared; but at the same time, had a very pleasant feeling of challenge that increased my adrenaline and made ​​me think it would be fascinating to try to start a new life in a country so different. Everything was new and it still is, but especially the challenge of the music legacy that I was to face with a professional choir a first class organist and a very, very demanding Choir Master and Music Director.

I find that it is like in sports where you are confronted with these sort of situation.

An athlete is a person who values ​​fair play. An athlete knows what it is to be a human being, to hand out a helping hand when he / she sees the need for this, to behave correctly toward teammates and opponents, to handle the ups and downs in a good way. An athlete has every reason to be proud of himself, that he / she play sports and that he / she advocates fair play.

Most importantly, team playing, and that all of you have done, making me feel part of the group and giving me support, we shared a year of memorable situations like when we sung Shomer Israel beside the tomb of Louis Lewandowski or the challenging Kedusha of Bar Am in Berlin. And foremost the memorial service for Henry Kuttner z”l who meant so much for the Choir and the Cantor of our Synagogue, I hereby want to pay a tribute to him.

I have had great satisfaction, and you, as the Levites in the Temple fulfill their function or even better sometimes I feel you are like answering angels praising God and His Creation.

Everything we see around us is the work of God. The meaning of what we see seems sometimes incomprehensible. I am thinking primarily of it and thank you for making us able to appreciate with the beauty of music ultimately appreciate the gift of being part of this world we all share.

I have only two words.

Thank you!

Cantor P. Heller

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